Adafruit Audio FX Sound Board - WAV/OGG Trigger with 2MB Flash (ADA2133)

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Hi I just purchased the but cannot find the pin-out so I can connect an amp and speakers, Any chance of a link please as there is no documentation supplied with the board. Cheers

Actually upon closer inspection it appears that the barrel jack is a mono sound output ? but I am not a big fan of assumptions :slight_smile: Looks like VIN (3.3 - 5V is down at the USB end but I would still prefer to read through some documentation please)
Another assumption - the barrel jack is for headphones ? but can I also input this into a small amplifier please ?

EDIT - I found some info on the Adafruit page thanks Pinouts | Adafruit Audio FX Sound Board | Adafruit Learning System

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HI Peter,

Glad you found it! Yes, the Adafruit’s guides are the place to source all the details you could want on their products:

And the 3.5mm connector is indeed stereo out:

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Thanks for the additional info Oliver. I have a few friends that run Macbook repair business’ and they are using these to play the Macbook start-up sound activated by a reed switch when customers enter their shop. Very cool :slight_smile:

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