Blaster build - help needed


I am building some starwars-esque blasters with some kids I support
I think the adafruit soundboard will be perfect but im not sure of what else I need. I think:

adafruit soundboard
adafruit lipoly backpack
lipoly battery
mini speaker

Do I need an amplifier also?

the trigger button for sounds will be the trigger of an old nintendo zapper.
A case for all this would also be useful or we can try to fit it inside the blaster body.

The basic version will only drive headphones, so you would need to add an amplifier. But it is simpler and cheaper to upgrade to the advanced version with built-in amplifier. It will deliver 2W into 4-8 Ohms, which should be plenty loud enough, considering that you won’t have room for large speakers.

is that this one?