Adafruit GEMMA v2 - Miniature wearable electronic platform (ADA1222)

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Love FLORA but want a bite-sized version? Look no further, GEMMA is a tiny wearable platform board with a lot of might in a 1" diameter package. Powered by a Attiny85 … read more

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Hi all,

I’m working on a wearable electronics project where I’m lighting up 10 separate spots. I’d like to coordinate it so the lights can change colour at the same time.

What is the smallest board you sell that has a wifi/bluetooth module?

Or what is the smallest board that has a small compatible wifi/bluetooth breakout that you sell?

Also is this the smallest battery you sell???

Thank you

Hi Alex,

If you’re looking for bluetooth in a wearable, the best option would likely be the:

And yes, that’s the smallest LiPo we sell

Keen to see what you do with your parts!



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Hey Alex,

It’s less wearable and more tiny microcontroller, but the Beetle ESP32 would be a great choice if you wanted to get both WiFi and Bluetooth in a small form factor!