Adafruit IS31FL3741 13x9 PWM RGB LED Matrix Driver - STEMMA QT / Qwiic (ADA5201)

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Add a splash of RGB LEDs to a project you're working on, with this adorable 13x9 RGB LED matrix breakout. It features – no surprise – 117 RGB LEDs,…

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Hey there! I’m looking at the Adafruit IS31FL3741 13x9 PWM RGB LED Matrix, it has an expected dispatch between July 14-17. How reliable is this and are there ways to expedite this lead time, e.g. similar to express shipping. Thanks!

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Hi JianShin,

That number is based on all our past orders from Adafruit over the years, so it is as accurate is we can make it given the dynamic nature of the shipping landscape.

We already use fast shipping options from our suppliers like FedEx and DHL, so there’s nothing we can do to speed that up.

Generally we’ll have an equivalent part on shelf here in Newcastle for immediate dispatch though, you might want to check out our tile-able GlowBit range:

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Hey James, the glowbit is my next option! But unfortunately they’re a little too big. Thanks for your help I appreciate it!

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