Adafruit Ultimate GPS v3 setup help

Just got my hands on v3. Powers up (on Uno) and serial prints, But I cannot get a fix, and as yet, I have not used a battery for the RTC. For the device to get a fix, does it need to be placed outside for a period of time? Can I then assume that if I attach it to a vehicle, it will get a fix?

And does the clock (I am using Core E’s code) show time in GMT? Also, the date, at present, only displays a 3 digit year (200).

Can anyone advice?

Yes you will need to have it outside to get a fix. I sometimes get a GPS fix near my outside window but it takes a while. If you put it on your car you should get a fix after a short period of time on your cars dash but may not inside the car.

I’m not sure about the code part of the second question but I would assume it GPS time which is almost the same as UTC/GMT. The difference is that UTC/GMT is corrected for leap seconds but GPS time isn’t. GPS time is currently around 18 seconds ahead of UTC/GMT.

I agree with Shaun. All the questions @Jacob21898 asked are covered in the learning centre documents. Please take a few minutes to read them.

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