Adding IR Receiver to Odroid XU4

Hi All,

Looking at adding an IR Receiver to my ODroid XU4 so that I can utilize an IR Remote.

Looking at the Odroid XU4 data the GPIO is only capable of providing 1.8v.

The IR Receiver I am looking at requires 3v to 5v. (

Am I correct in assuming that I need something like the Logic Level Converter Bi-Directional ( to step up the voltage from the XU4 GPIO to the IR Receiver? Is there something else I require?

The XU4 has both 5V (pin 1 of the 30 pin con10) and 1.8V (pin 29 of the 30 pin con10) so that will provide the HV and LV for the level converter, and for the IR sensor. So that should be OK. Just need to connect them to the appropriate points.

Other things you could try:
Simple voltage divider circuit connected from the sensor output to the XU4 GPIO.
The XU4 shifter board from hardkernel which allows all the XU4 GPIO pins to be level shifted to either 3.3V or 5V. Nice but only a maximum of 4ma current output.
The Hardkernel USB IO expansion board, a PIC based board providing SPI, I2C, and GPIO pins.

You probably already know how cheap postage is from Hardkernel / Korea :grin: