Using ccd sensor

Is that okay to use sony ilx554b sensor with raspberry pi pico?

Hi Pasindu,

If you can find a library, or implement this strange comms protocol:

Then you certainly could! I found that in the datasheet:
ILX554B.PDF (108.4 KB)

Though it is a 5V only device, so you’ll need a logic level converter to use it safely with a Pico:

Thank you so much,
I did that already, but out it not clear for me. Also I have an issue with two clock generation and making a array to store the data of ilx554b sensor.

Again thank you for your support. If you can help me with conversion of one of arduino code to mycropython code, that would be great with that issue.


Also, I’m using with S/H mode with connecting S/H pin to the GND of that sensor.