Adventures in Raspberry Pi Book + Parts Kit (CE04430)

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Raspberry Pi is awesome, and there are so many different ways you can use it, and Adventures in Raspberry Pi is the perfect way to get started!

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we are chasing a starter kit for our lad to use with a RPi B (2015) the one with the yellow audio jack and full sized sd card, are you able to help us make a kit up? We are happy to source the book in the first ed for ourselves, but not being conversant with electronics myself I’m finding making the kit with parts that will work a bit tricky. TIA

Hi Ronni,

I think you will find that there is very little support out there still for the RPi B. Accessories are all made for the newer model Pi’s and its very difficult to find online support related to that model. It took me a while just to find out if it used the same power supply as the newer models. I think the user experience will be much better if you went with any RPi 2 or newer, since they would all be compatible with modern shields/accessories made for those devices.

I’d recommend going with the RPi 3B+ Starter kit: