RaspiRobot Board v3 (Seeed Studio)


I have just purchased a ‘RaspiRobot Board v3 (Seeed Studio)’

I installed this on a Rasberry Pi 3B+, are these compatible together? When installed it only supplies 4.5V not 5V to the Rasberry Pi 3B+. As a result, the under voltage lightning bolt alert icon is present for the 3B+.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Liam,

This is compatible with the original Pi, Pi A+, Pi B+ and the Pi Model 2. It may not be compatible with the Pi Model 2 B, Pi Model 3 B, or Pi Model 3 B+. The new model Raspberry Pi’s have higher power requirements. The rest of the operation of the board should still work, but the power supply will likely be insufficient.

I hope that helps!

Hi Stephen, thanks for your reply.

I am confused, what is the difference between the Pi Model 2 and the Pi Model 2 B? Do you stock the Pi Model 2? Are they not the same Pi? can you please supply a link to the Pi Model 2.



There are lots of different types of Raspberry Pi’s, the way they name them can be kinda confusing. There are many differences between the different boards. If you want to know how they are different you can find that here:

All of our Raspberry Pi’s can be found here:

The Model 2 B is here:

Raspberry Pi has grown and evolved over the past six years since its release in 2012, each new model builds on the last. Be careful that the 2B is not missing features that you expect.

It’s worth noting that the latest board (3B+) is the most power demanding of them all. We haven’t compared the 2B with the latest model, though we did some side-by-side tests between the 3B and 3B+ earlier in the year. Here’s a link (+38% power usage in some situations):