RASPBERRY PI 3 MODEL B not booting

Hi My RASPBERRY PI 3 MODEL B is not booting, I tried a fresh SD with Strech and also another SD which is working in a different PI but still, the RASPBERRY PI 3 will not boot, all I can see is a red light, any suggestion.


How was the RPi in use before this occurred; what hardware was connected to GPIO (if any)?

What power supply are you using and what are the specs (2.5A @5.1V)? Shoot a picture of the compliance panel if you are unsure.

I was using the Raspberry pi as a plex server.

The power supply is 5V 2.1A

Thanks for that info. I’ve shot you an email to get the Pi3 over to us so that we can take a closer look at it.

Hi Graham,

Can you please send the email again, I dont seem to receive it.


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Resent - it is a reply to your original email.