Lora module in weatherproof box and antenna outside

Is it possible to keep Lora module in weatherproof box and antenna outside.


Hi MrNams,

Yeah definitely, another thing to keep in mind is that with a long extension cable you will add some impedance to the aerial distorting the signal.
In short youll want to bring your controller up to the antenna instead of bringing your antenna up to a more suitable location.

To get a waterproof connection out you can use a gland: Waterproof Gland Australia

Depending on how far you have to transmit/receive from you might not even have to, it all depends on the gain of your antennas and their transmit power.


Hi Liam

Mr Nama originally asked

As you replied Yes it is. But he then implied he wanted to use a single wire.
The answer that is NO he can’t.
At the frequencies involved (I believe 900MHz) you cannot use a single wire to connect an aerial. You must use an aerial designed for the frequency in use and connect with a quality Co-ax cable fitted with the appropriate connectors.

Penetrating the box with a weather proof gland can be a problem as one of the connectors has to go through the gland unless Mr Nams has the expertise to fit a co-ax connector, but I think he would be advised to purchase a ready made cable.

Not quite correct. You will not “distort” the signal or “add” some impedance but you will lose about 3/4 of it (about 6db) in the 10M of cable suggested. You can recover a lot of this loss by using an antenna with some “gain” but if the path is difficult often the loss is often offset by the better antenna position.

By far the better solution if possible. You will still have to penetrate the box with the cable but if the cable can be kept to 1 or 2 Metres losses can be kept to a minimum. The shorter the better. It may even be possible to mount the antenna on the box. Depends on mechanical circumstances.
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PS. I am assuming a metal box and the module has provision for an external antenna. If not you could use a plastic box with the whole thing inside and put the lot up a pole.


Many thanks for detailed reply,
I have module having frequency 433MHz and not 900MHz


Hi MrNams
Same comments apply except the antenna will be twice the size and cable losses will be half that at 900MHz. All physics.
Cheers Bob


Thanks will try and update