Air:bit 2 Drone for micro:bit (CE07610)

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Air:bit 2 is a drone kit for the BBC micro:bit which you build, code and then fly.

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I bought one of these a couple of years ago and was disappointed in what I got for the price.
You will need to 2 x micro:bits, one for the drone and one for the controller.
(should be included for the price)
It has no hover capability, no ground distance sensor.
It has no camera.
You will need to download flight controller software as the settings it comes with do not work correctly for level flight.
Support from the manufacturer is almost non existent.

One of the motors stopped working after a few attempts to fly. The wire inside the motor had not been soldered and was just sitting on the metal connector. It pulled away and out of the motor. Eventually the manufacturer respond with the motor type and I bought some from an online store.

Flying relies on holding the micro:Bit flat, tilting sets the direction. This is very difficult to do, coupled with the up and down throttle being the two buttons either side. In all my drone experience a self centering joystick works best.

In my honest opinion this is overpriced for what it is. I can buy a basic FPV drone for less than $100. But I have no control over the software of that.



Thanks for the feedback @James46717

I’ll point our catalog manager to this forum post to evaluate whether we keep this product on.


I hate to be negative, so here are some good points.
I did post against the product when I experienced problems previously, I think mine was version 1, don’t know what is different with this one, probably the flight controller.

Simple construction, so good for STEM classes.
Programming of hand controller via MakeCode micro:Bit; drag a drop block programming.
Easy and also good for STEM.

Communication between the hand controller and drone also good for education.
Setting of radio channels etc.

Using flight controller programming software would give insight into how drones work.

Cheap entry into drones that you build and program.
If flying in a large enclosure like a basketball court could be fun for STEM class.

Then class discussion on the fail points of the drone and what could be done better.
So education mainly but needs something pointing to its limitations and that it is not a Mavic.


PS Hmmm … do I want to spend about $2200 on a DJI FPV Drone and Goggles. … hmmm … wife says NO lol.


I wish there were some budget-friendly drone kits too…

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There are a number of YouTube videos of FPV drone builds with low cost parts.
Search FPV Drone Builds. Will be looking into this for my next drone.

Bought a mini drone yesterday, pretty much a kids toy, for $89.00au. Flashy lights and all.
It works very well for what it is but not a kit and not FPV.
Very easy to fly, hovers nicely and does not break if it crashes due to weight and prop protection.

Fourth drone I have bought and best so far, fun to fly.
All the others were too expensive and not fun to fly.



Hi Jim,

I’d check out the TinyHawk by Emax: Tinyhawk | Emax

More of a racing drone but really good value imo.