AL Heat Sink (With adhesive tape) - 13*13*7mm (FIT0191)

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This is a high quality AL Heat Sink(With adhesive tape).There is a high quality of U.S. origin 3M-8810 thermal adhesive tape on the back of the heatsink.

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I have a Pi Zero in my cart, and would like to add a heatsink for the Zero. Is there a ceramic version?

Hey @John79560,

At the time of writing, our catalogue does not contain ceramic heat sinks.

This product page claims that this works with a4988 stepper drivers, but in my experience it was too large, it was touching thecomponents and wouldn’t seat securely against the chip, so it wouldn’t stick. I was also concerned about it causing shorts.

13mm seems like a really small size until you actually compare it to those tiny PCBs.

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Hi Michael,

I’ve double-checked the dimensions of the A4988 drivers and the heatsink and you’re right, it’s far too tight to use without the risk of shorting out a pin header.
I’ve updated the product description from the one supplied by the manufacturer of that part.
Thanks for your feedback. :smiley: