Dual Fan Aluminium Heatsink Case for Raspberry Pi 4 Black (CE06407)

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Want to keep your Raspberry Pi 4 cool? Get this aluminum heatsink case with dual fans!

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Do these thermal pads have an Up/Down orientation?

Hey @Kingsley40,

Orientation of the thermal tape won’t matter for these guys!

The pimoroni site says “Stick the side that had the white paper on onto your Pi’s CPU (it’s the stickier of the two sides).”

My problem was removing the white paper.

My Pi now runs 20℃ cooler (and I haven’t turned on the fans)

Hi Ian,

Nice to hear you’re back on track!

Once sandwiched together, it doesn’t matter what way around they are. One side does have more tac than the other, which would likely be the side the pad sticks to if ever the case was disassembled.

Hi guys, are there mechanical drawings or a 3D model available for this heatsink, or even better, for the assembled case? Thank you

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Hi Laurence,

Unfortunately I couldn’t find any drawings for this one, but I can measure any of the dimensions not listed on the product page if you like?

All the best with your projects!

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Hi James,
Thank you for your help, we also looked around for a model w/o success. We will pass on the physical device (Raspberry Pi and heatsinks assembled) to our mechanical design engineer and he can measure what he needs to to provide the support inside our chosen enclosure. That way they can also consider the cabling. We appreciate your support.
Best regards,


Hi, I want to use this case with Pimoroni Touch – HyperPixel 4.0. Do I need another GPIO header riser or one is enough? Thanks

Hey Infinity.

Welcome to the forums!
I think that one of these GPIO extenders should be sufficient for the screen. I do want to point out that you will be unable to use the fan as the Hyperpixel will take up all 40 pins. It may be better to use this Passive Cooling Case instead.


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