Alignment gear needed

i am in need of an af function generator pref an analog one…i cannot get the hang of the digital age gear…i need to alling some radio gear also an analizer as well… its to do 27 meg rf radio ssb/am sets…if amy body can help …or move thgis post to the correct place thank you… brian.c

My suggestion would be to find a ham radio group in your area. The members will at least have access to the equipment you need, and would be inclined to help out.

Type something like “ham radio group area” into your preferred search engine.

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thanks ham fests are rare these days i miss them so much but yes i still have some contacts with groups like mac service etc…if there still called that but a ham fest would be good to go to radio has died these days it`s such a shame…

I don’t know what area you are in, but there are a couple in the Newcastle area. One at Westlakes, and one for the Hunter Valley. They are still around.

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thanks i am in the south so there few and far apart these days,i don’t even think they sill sell the amateur radio action magazine it used to have the meets listed…

Hi Brian and Robin,

Indeed the Hamfests are sadly becoming rarer and rarer. But there are a few sites online that provide calendars for them in Australia. I’d also take a look on Facebook and other social media to see whether anyone is advertising there.

Have a great day!

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