Aluminum Case for Raspberry Pi 4 (with Heatsink & Fan) (FIT0697)

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Keep your Raspberry Pi 4 cool and running smoothly with a thermal case. This aluminum-made case features hollow design, delicate appearance, and high hardness. The … read more

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Fantastic case!

Allows quick access, all ports available and just a single screw to open.

Great cooling for a ridiculous low price.


If anyone’s run a Stressberry test on this I’m curious to see how it compares against the other aluminium cases.

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Brilliant case for the price -easily the best case I have ever had for a pi. The lid is fastened by one small screw. Inside the case they ship two bags: one with the fan and seven screws, the other with three heatsinks and four silicone stickon feet.

The pi is screwed down onto standoffs integral to the case with four small screws. The fan is attached to the bracket with two of the three larger screws. The big square heatsink should be stuck to the SOC (system on a chip) which is a big square silver chip towards the center. Going towards the USB ports etc from the SOC, there is a rectangular chip next to the SOC. It is the RAM. It should get the rectangular heatsink, Finally there are two small square chips near the USB etc ports. One closest to the GPIO is the ethernet controller, The other is the USB controller. Put the small square heat sink on one of these. I assume you would choose the one that is going to work hardest in your application.

On the bottom of the case there are four round indents. Each get one stickon foot.