The Pi Hut Raspberry Pi 4 Case (With Cooling Fan) v3.0 (CE06840)

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The Pi Hut’s first ever case for the Raspberry Pi… manufactured by the team in their UK warehouse.

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Do you recommend I get the 3pc heatsink with this case?

Hi Dylan,

Up to you! You can either stick 3 heatsinks on as shown below (numbers 1 through 3):

Or one big one:

Or even run without a heatsink - a fan is definitely a step above passive cooling.


is this case allowing the IDC ribbon cable to past thru to access the GPIOs?

Hi @Michael156508, Welcome to the Forums!!!

This case doesn’t appear to have a passthrough to allow external access of the GPIO headers when assembled fully.

Having a look at the assembly instructions for the case, It would be possible to just not install the side panel on the GPIO side and be able to access them that way.