Smart Cooling Hat For Raspberry Pi 4 (DFR0672)

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This is a multi-function cooling expansion board specifically designed for Raspberry Pi. It provides full compatibility with Pi 4B/3B+/3B to protect the Raspberry…

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Would this hat clear the Passive Little Bird Aluminum Alloy Case? Or would you need to extend the Gpio pins?

Hey @Daniel263739 - welcoem to the forums :slight_smile:
Not sure which case you are referring to - can you post a link?


you might just jag it, but there are components on the underside of the Cooling HAT that will push it even higher and perhaps make the connection tenuous - see the product image where there are LEDs and other SMT components on the underside.

it might be prudent to investigate an active cooling case, or if you’re set on the Smart Cooling HAT for its features, raise it up with a GPIO extender

The whole assembly will cantilever off the GPIO header which probably isn’t ideal so it would be good to support the other end of the HAT somehow.

The HAT may just work as-is, but 3.95 is a pretty cheap insurance policy to guarantee it will work

Just as i thought. Thanks mate