I’m having a problem setting this up with my Xbox Series S. It doesnt want to work through the HDMI splitter I have. Do I need a particular one to make it work? I can live with Ambilight just working off my FireStick, but to have it working while gaming would be amazing too

Hi Jade, welcome to the forum!

Which HDMI splitter did you have? Also, did you mean that you get no Xbox video through the splitter, or that Hyperion doesn’t pick it up?

Keen to get to the bottom of this with you!

Hi James. Not sure which splitter I have, its just one I had laying around. Probably a cheap one. The rer was no xbox video through the splitter. I havent set up Hyperion yet. I want to make sure all connections work first

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Hi Jade,

Ah yep, in that case you may want to try a better quality splitter unfortunately, or if you can, force the Xbox to try outputting at a lower resolution and frame rate.

I’ve had quite a lot of difficulty with an in-wall HDMI cable to my TV, it struggles with high-bandwidth signals like 4K video.

If you have any troubles with the Hyperion side of things, let us know!