Any Core plans for expanding Micromod?

I like the idea of Sparkfun’s Micromod that Core resells. One thing that gives me pause is that Sparkfun is the only manufacturer.

Therefore I was just wondering if Core is planning on do any local Micromod compatible PCBs, much like the PiicoDev is parallel to Qwiic, is Core planning a parallel to Micromod at all?

I don’t have any specific boards in mind but an Australian source for M.2 MCUs would be really good.

I feel like there is a killer design in this eco-system waiting to happen in the serious robotics projects space. Something that lets you swap out MCUs but can talk CAN Bus and control motors with encoder input or Dynamixel actuators.


Hey, @Nigel164388 :slight_smile:
We don’t have any plans to break into Micromod - though it sure is an interesting ecosystem and I can totally see the value for experienced makers.

It actually makes me so giddy to browse through Sparkfun’s library of function boards and imagine what you could put together so easily. A wonderful prototyping tool for pro-makers.

True to Sparkfun’s philosophy, Micromod hardware designs are open source. If you have a specific need you can leverage their existing ecosystem of parts and just invest time in the design that you want to create.
PCB Assembly as a service is now more affordable than ever so if you’re worried about supply chain you can pretty quickly spin up your own design and have it assembled as needed. It’s a pretty wild time to be a maker :smiley:

Thanks for your question, and best of luck with your projects :v: