Arcade game controller board to suit Pi 4

Hi team. I have one of your Pi 4 kits to help me convert an old pc based cocktail arcade game table. Unfortunately it is running an 18 year old first edition I-pac controller board and i just cant get the buttons configured completely. It uses a ps2 interface so ive had to add in a passive usb adapter but im just adding on bandaid after bandaid and have reached my limit.

Do you have a 4 way joystick/2 button 2 player controller board that will suit my Pi4 running the Wolfanoz 128gb 12k gold image and roms.

Many thanks.

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Hi Paul,

Pimoroni have made some controller boards that will allow arcade joysticks and switches to be recognised as a single USB HID controller.

Since you’re using a Pi4 it might be worth looking into their HAT version.

This would allow you to simply add the switches and joysticks into the female headers or use their premade wiring looms.

Since that will only appear as a single controller maybe a pair of Pimoroni Player X modules would be a quick and easy way to upgrade your arcade table and put PS/2 behind you.


Thanks Trent, appreciate the help.

Hopefully the next time you guys hear from me it will be a pic of my system back up and running!