Convert a game controller to output signal generator

I’m trying to use a game controller (ex. Xbox or PS4 …) to convert the joysticks to analog values and keypads to some digital outputs. I know I can use a raspberry pi using some python codes to send these outputs through GPIO, but looking for more simple solution if possible.

There are some USB Joystick interface board to convert analog/digital signals to USB and can be used to connect to a PC. I’m looking for similar solution but opposite approach as the USB interface convert to analog/digital signal

The goal for me is to send some analog/digital outputs to a PLC as inputs

Hi Akb137,

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I’d take a look at ‘HID’ devices, this board here seems to tick a few boxes, if not all? USB Interface for Joystick and Buttons | Core Electronics Australia

You could also use a Pico to interpret all of the results but there is some programming required! I’d check out the CircuitPython docs for some more details if you are keen :smiley:

Hi Liam120347,
I’m looking for reverse of this board.
I need to extract analog/digital signals from a USB joystick

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Hi Akb,

You’d then be looking for a device with USB reading capabilities, the Pi or another SBC would be your best bet.

From memory the STM32’s are capable but there isn’t much stock around the world.