Arducam 2MP Ultra Low Light STARVIS IMX462 Motorized IR-CUT Camera (AC-B0423)

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Does this camera come with the cable to connect to a pi zero? If not what cable would I need. It appears to have a narrower pitch connector then the official cameras. Thanks.

Hey Isaac,
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It looks like it doesn’t come with that camera module and as of right now we don’t stock any 15-pin to 15-pin camera cables, however I have updated our product team and they are looking to get some into our range so that everything is available for you to get that working.


Thanks Blayden,

Could you let me know when you have some in stock.


Hi Isaac,

No worries I’ve made a note for the product team to give you a heads up here once we’ve got an ETA for those 15-pin to 15-pin cables.

Hi All

According to your product text it does include a cable

Package Including

  • 1 x IMX462 Motorized IR-CUT Camera Module
  • 1 x 150mm 15pin to 22pin flex cable

I wonder which one is correct. Note zero connector details though.
Cheers Bob

Hi Bob,

The included 15pin to 22pin flex cable will suit connection to the Raspberry Pi Model B style raspberry Pis which us the 22pin full sized CSI connector. The Pi Zero uses a 15pin CSI connector so it will require a cable with 15 pins at both ends to work properly.

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Hi Trent
Thanks. Not that familiar with RPi so just thought I would ask.
Cheers Bob