Arducam Pivariety 21MP IMX230 - raspberry pi zero

Hi There,

I can see that this Arducam Pivariety 21MP IMX230 Color Camera Module for RPi 4B, 3B+, 3A+, CM3/CM4 - Arducam - is compatiable with the raspberry pi 4 & 3.

I understand it isn’t compatible with raspberry pi zero, but I only require the ability to capture images.

Is there anyway to interface this to work with a pi zero?


Hi Sam,

I’m not familiar with the Arducam camera so I don’t know if there is any reason there why it wouldn’t work with the Pi Zero.
The Pi Zero has a smaller CSI connector so the official Raspberry Pi Camera modules require an adapter cable to work with the Pi Zero, we stock the adapter cable seperately.

Perhaps you can investigate how it’s any different to the official Pi camera modules, it may work ok with the right connector?

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