Arducam CSI to HDMI Cable Extension Module (AC-B0091)

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The CSI-HDMI adapter board is designed for Raspberry Pi Camera Module 3/V1/V2/HQ, to extend the camera over the long cables while keeping the high-speed CSI signals away from noise and interference.

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Can the HDMI > CSI end of this be used to connect a regular HDMI signal to the CSI port, or is this using the HDMI cable in a non-standard configuration?

Hey Politas,

Great question. From what I can see this is theoretically possible but this doesn’t have a ton of research done into it. The CSI port seems to be capable of video and audio but I’m not sure if anyone has tested this properly yet.

If you are interested I found a Raspberry Pi forum topic about doing exactly this that looks interesting.
From what I can gather its possible but you need an adapter to allow the HDMI protocol to work with the CSI port.

Hope this helps!