Petit Studio Picam HDMI cable adaptor Not Working

I am trying to get the Pi Camera v2 working with the petiti studio hdmi cable adaptor. I am using a raspberry pi 3b+ with octoprint installed headless. Now when i connect camera with ribbon camera it works. I have 3 ribbon cables, one long and 2 short, tried all 3 straight from cam to pi and all work. Now when i connect hdmi cable adapter to cam and other adapter to pi and then connect them with hdmi cable i get no camera feed. Ive tried the hdmi cable as output for the pi, works fine. I even tried swapping the ribbon cables around, swapping the hdmi cable adapters arouund, checked that i had the ribbon cables the correct orientation many times. I am at a loss. Am hoping someone reads this and has used this adapter before ? At this point i am thinking this is an untested device that just doesnt work.

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Hi Scott,

Sorry to hear your camera is giving you trouble! Could you shoot through some pics so we can get an idea of how you’ve got it set up?

Keen to get you back on track!

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Update on HDMI cable adaptor.
The soldered connections on the hdmi plug boards were not the best. So i went over ALL solder joints on both boards and connected it all up again. It now works with the adaptors and a hdmi cable. Have tested with a 5 metre cable with no visible loss of signal. (though im only viewing through a small screen)
So if anyone else has this issue, maybe this can lead you to a fix.
Happy making all.


Glad to hear Scott!!
I’d be curious to see how long you could get one of those cables before the signal starts getting fuzzy.


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