Arduino Emulated Altair 8800

Modern technology is great and all, but sometimes it's nice to take a step back in time, and look at how things operated before the 4K displays and BLE connected devices that we know and love.

YouTuber David Hansel has used an Arduino Due to emulate the CPU functionality and structure of the original computer, which was marketed as the first 'PC' in kit form. Based on the Intel 8800 processor, it's simple memory address system and toggle switch interface gives insight into the early form of microcontrollers. But perhaps the best way to explain this wonderful project is to simply watch:

It seems funny that in an age where content such as video games and movies are measured in gigabytes as standard, and terabyte storage is the norm, that a game, even one as simple as the killbits demo, can occupy only 24 bytes.

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