Is Arduino dead?

I read that Intel is going to stop producing Arduinos. Is this true and if so, is this the end of the road for Arduino?

If not Arduino, what are the alternatives? I need devices that can handle multiple inputs as well as digital and analog outputs.


Hi Sarah,

Quite the contrary. Intel haven’t stopped producing ‘Arduinos’, they’ve stopped producing their own dev platforms such as the Edison. Arduino is a completely separate thing and is alive and well.

Hi Sam,

Thanks for that reply.

Here is a link to the article that worried me:

But delving deeper into the links on that page, I got to
which tells me that the Arduino 101 is the board being discontinued.

I don’t know who makes the Arduino Uno but it does not use an Intel chip, so I guess it is still fine to base our systems on that.


That’s because the Arduino 101 uses an Intel chip, and they’re pulling out, everything else will stay the same.