Selecting the right sensor and development board

Hi Guys.
I bought this little kit to build with the kids.

Can anyone suggest the best microcontroller and sensors to use?
or share any experiences doing something similar?

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Hi Andrew,

I’ve opted to send through some products with the best documentation and fastest avenue to success rather than what might be the highest performing.
(From this guide) Arduino SELF-BALANCING Robot -



Motor driver:

Along with a battery this collection of parts ought to get your hardware sorted out.

My class at uni made some balancing robots from the ground up using a more engineering approach rather than the Maker way of throwing a PID at the problem (and hand tuning).


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Awesome, Thanks Liam.
I have placed an order and will hopefully update this post with a success story.

Awesome uni project. Looks like your 3d printer got some good use.