Arduiono RGB help

I recently saw a video about custom rgb with the arduiono uno r3, and i want to build one. I am completely new to stuff like this, and i have a few questions, (sorry if it is self-explanetory)
Does it matter which brand the uno r3 is?
Can you set the rgb lighting on the board, and then unplug the usb from your pc?
Will i have to get a power supply, if im not going to have usb power around all the time?
If i need a power supply, does it have to match the amount of amps the rgb strip is pulling? Ex: i read that every rgb pulls aroung 60mA, which in a rgb strip with 60 rgbs would be 3.6amps. Will my power supply have to be 4 amps? And if i go with 300 leds, will it have to be the amount needed?
About the rgb strip, does it matter which brand it is, even when its the WS2821B?
Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Hi William,

Welcome to the world of Making :slight_smile:

No, the UNO hardware designs are open source and many companies produce compatible versions of the UNO boards (but Arduino only guarantees their software will work on official boards).

Arduino’s are PCBs with all the necessary accessory components to make use of a microcontroller. I’d suggest taking a look at our Arduino Beginner’s Workshop

We’ve also got some tutorials on various LEDs:

Support | Core Electronics

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