Ardunio or Rasberry Pi for Audio/Video Sync check

I’m looking for some help in deciding which platform would be best to start my first project.
I want to design and build a device that can measure the difference between an on screen flash on a TV and an audible bleep from speakers.
The timing difference needs to be shown in milliseconds or frames.
I expecting to need to access a microphone for the audio and some type of photo transistor to read the flash on or off.
My question is, would the Ardunio or the Rasberry Pi be best suited to develop this idea?

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Hi Cliff,

So all you’re looking at doing is measuring a brief increase in light (a flash) from a source, and a trigger from a sound source? You could use either platform really, you’re only measuring data from fairly basic sensors and determining the time different between two triggers. It’s up to you as to which one your more familiar with, but other factors in your project could decide that as well.


Hi Sam and thanks for the reply.

Basically yes, just need to sense audio and video.

But…I am then hoping to use the same device to delay the audio by the measured amount, so again that may determine which platform to use.

I would look to producing a digital delay line for the audio and then output the audio with the applied delay.

In terms of expansion/evolution, I’m looking for the most flexible platform

Hey Cliff and Sam,
Thanks for the question here Cliff. To throw my opinion in the ring, while both platforms are great for this kind of application, narrowing it down is going to be completely up to you.

In any case, I’d recommend doing some some research into similar projects out there to get some tips on the best/easiest way to get to a working solution. Perhaps take a look at this forum post from Arduino and let us know what you decide upon.

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Thanks Aidan,

It was that post that prompted my initial enquiry.

I think ultimately it maybe a combination of both systems.

Going to do a bit more research and will place an order, of some kind, soon!