Newbie: Help with putting animation on a mini screen? :)

Hey guys!! I’m an absolute newbie to all of this but im hoping to get a tiny screen running an animation I’ll draw - i think clip studio lets me turn it into gifs or mp4s, but as I’ll be drawing the straight head animation ill have access to each drawing in each frame and can save them individually

Im hoping to make a little TV that i can pop on my work desk (not sure how ill do that, probably just make a mini box to start with the tech peaking through :joy: )
I was looking at the Rasberry Pi Pico H, the Waveshare 1.8 screen or the 1.14 and the 3xAA battery holder with the micro usb plug & switch to be able to power it on and off (i think the voltage should be fine, at least for the 1.8). I’ll also get the micro usb to usb a cord to be able to transfer data

Does this set up sound okay to make what I want happen?
Does anyone have any tips on also how to make it happen or where i can go to learn?? I have 0 coding experience, but I appreciate the python system could do the trick? I need a small screen so it’s cost effective :slight_smile:
Down the track I’d love to make it turn on when sensing motion but I think that’d be going 0-100 so baby steps for now :joy:

Looking forward to hearing from you all :smiley: this stuff is so cool!!

Mini TVs are great projects. There are some nice hacks to get Pico to play video, though it’s pushing the limits of the microcontroller (especially if using Python).

There are some projects based on Arduino C using ESP32 such as this. That should be a good place to get started.

Hi Cinzia,

I’ve noticed the folks over at Adafruit love this kind of project, so there are many guides to check out that will at the very least give you an idea of what you’re up for:

Thanks for your response!!

I’d just want a gif! But it does all seem quite overwhelming even for a starter - i feel like i need a pre-starter course to understand the started content :joy:

Do you need arduino products to use arduino? Atm i have thonny bc thats what i think the pico uses (?)

Thanks also for your response James! They all seem quite difficult i think my brain needs more time :joy: maybe its because im trying to use thonny and need to use something else??