Argon ONE V3 Case for Raspberry Pi 5 (CE09828)

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Argon ONE V3 Case is now made compatible for Raspberry Pi 5 with upgraded features and all new black finish. Better Active Cooling with the blower…

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Is this the M.2 version? or do I have to purchase the expansion board separately

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Hi Jirayu,


This is just the case, the expansion boards will be available soon hopefully!

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I just received the V3 thinking it had the M.2 expansion.
Will I be able to upgrade with a new backplate?

Hi Graeme,

Yes, you can use the same M.2 SATA backplate with the Argon One v3 as the previous Argon One cases, the descriptions and product info needs updates. Please note that it is designed for SATA SSDs though such as our SATA WD Green and Blue variants.

If you want to use NVMe SSDs you’ll need to wait for the new backplate to become available.

thanks Bryce,

I think I’ll wait for the NVME PCIe expansion backplate.


Any Idea when NVME PCIe backplate will be available?

Hi Geoff,

It looks like the NVMe expansions plate (SKU: CE09857) should be back in stock on our website soon after the 20th of march. If you haven’t already seen it there is a link on the product page to sign up to get notified when this product is back in stock.

We use that notification to let you know as soon as we get stock of the product again.

Hope this information helps!

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Thanks Sam, very helpful indeed :slight_smile: