Argon THRML 60mm Heatsink Radiator for Raspberry Pi 5 (CE09858)

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Keep your Raspberry PI cool with this huuuuge 60mm radiator.

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Has anyone done any comparisons with this heatsink and the ICE one?

Hey @Tony254187,

I had a quick look around and couldn’t find any obvious comparisons on the internet. hopefully, someone gets onto this, the result would be really interesting.

Looking at both fans though I doubt either one will let you down in terms of cooling. They both seem to be overkill for anything I could consider using a Pi 5 for but who knows. Someone may be pushing the limits of what that board can do and actually need all this cooling!

I would love to see what that project looks like. :astonished:

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I couldn’t find any comparisons either.

I wish I could find a way to justify the high price of this heatsink though. :rofl:

It looks very sleek, but I have paid less for heatsinks used on x86 CPUs. They tend to run ALOT hotter that the SOCs on a pi too. I guess it comes down to economies of scale.

Thanks for your reply! Enjoy the rest of the week.


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The official active cooler was more than enough to cool the Pi 5 fully overclocked, I doubt you would see much of a difference between the two given how overkill they are, maybe a few degrees at best I would guess.

But in terms of cool factor, the Argon THRML is REALLY clean in that matte black.


I know right!! I can’t justify the price though LOL. I already have the official active cooler as well. It is just a shame it isn’t as quiet as everyone on Youtube touted it to be. I could hear it several rooms away. While brushing my teeth. With an ELECTRIC toothbrush.

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