ESP32 hazzah feather battery switch

Hi Team
I have a project that requires an on off switch to shut the ESP 32 feather battery off whilst plugged in to the battery jack.
I need to be able to charge the battery while the switch is in the off position, how can I do this as well as run an LED only when charging the battery with the USB port.
I would like to use a 3.7v 2600 ma Li-ion battery, is there likely to be any issues charging it with the on board charger?

Hi Chris,

Welcome to the forum! Why do you need to turn your battery off? If you connect the Huzzah to USB when the battery is connected it will charge it and power the device at the same time. The Huzzah will use whatever power source is supplying more power automatically. You can charge just about any size 3.7v lipo directly off the ESP32 HUZZAH feather.

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Hi Stephen

Thanks for your reply.

The device that we are using the ESP 32 for is in a remote location using the battery via the JST jack for power. It is not in use all the time requiring switching off occasionally and overnight to conserve power.

On average the battery requires charging only once a week, mainly over the weekend via the USB port. At the moment it is necessary to have the switch in the on position to charge but it is often left off resulting in no charge and a very flat battery.

The ESP 32 failed recently and would not power up from either power source. I am wondering if the charging circuit was over worked as a result of extremely flat battery on several occasions?

It is a requirement for the end user to have the switch and an on light (LED). Also a charging light would be handy to see that it is actively charging the battery, whether the switch is in the on or off position.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Chris,

It sounds like you need an external charger. Something like this would be able to charge the battery while leaving it connected. Put the switch to turn off the device between this charger and the HUZZAH.