Attach 36 mm diameter motors to 25.4 mm aluminium square tube using go bilda components

I’m using u-bolts to mount two yellow jacket motors part number 5203-2402-0188 36mm diameter to a chassis constructed from 25.4 mm aluminium square hollow section, two u-bolts per motor. I see the gobilda components might offer a range of solutions for me to do that, but need some assistance navigating the options and part numbers so I can order please.

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Hi Steve,

Were you looking at something like this?

I know it doesn’t use your existing u-bolt parts, but it looks like you’d be able to make it work for a square section with the right M4 SHCS hardware.


We haven’t built the chassis yet I’m trying to fill in the blanks with off-the-shelf components so yes two of those per motor look good thank you.

Is there a gobilda component suitable for mounting the brackets on that I can bolt to the aluminium section?


Do I need to order bolts etc to suit from you along with the brackets ?