Sizing motors and drivers for a Mecanum robot

We are looking for 2 left right sets of Mecanum wheels approximate size of 100mm metal if possible but a weight rating on what is available is fine.
So far we will likely be going with these wheels.

I was also looking at controlling these via an Arduino. Can you please recommend motors with encoders to suit these wheels also please suggest an Arduino shield if there is an applicable one

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Hi Kristen,

The 96mm Wheel Set that you’ve linked is the closest matching specs to what you’ve descibred from our range:

For controlling these with some motors from an Arduino, I’d go with brushed DC motors with a suitably large motor driver shield (the GoBILDA range has a variety to choose from designed for compatibility with their other parts such as these wheels)

I know Liam took a great amount of care when putting this category together, let us know if you have any questions about specific compatibilities of different products for mounting and powering your motor/s:

Below is a combination of battery and driver that you should be able to use with (most) Arduino boards as long as the chosen board can produce a PWM signal and operate at the following voltage:

The built-in 6V BEC (which can supply 3A continually) will power your receiver via the red wire. It can also be plugged into a servo controller or an Arduino (via jumper wires) or anything that can produce a PWM signal. It responds proportionally to a signal between 1050 - 1950 microseconds

P.S. you’ll want a way to charge the battery as well if you don’t have a charger, make sure to grab all of the wiring and adapters that you need if you don’t have them already too