Bartendro dispensing peristaltic pump

I am interested in getting the Bartendro dispensing pump system up and running. Aside from the pump itself, what else do I need to order in the way of a power supply and controller board etc to get the system running and be able to program it for volume dispensing?

Hi Lawrence,

This is the part you are asking about right?

You can power this device with a 12V power supply:

and control it with the serial from an Arduino Uno:

As far as how its controlled, I haven’t used this particular pump myself, but all the information appears to be in the documentation links at the bottom of the product page.

Hi Stephen,
Thanks for the info…I’ll be placing an order for the parts soon…these is nothing else I need, right?

I should be able to connect up to my laptop and start using the Arduino software? Is this software available for download?



Hi Lawrence,

I’m not sure if this is everything you need, but it’s the big parts. The Arduino will need to be programmed with written code. The software is available for free, but if you aren’t familiar with C/C++ then I suggest you read through our Arduino Workshop before proceeding!