Battery Connectors

We are using castle connectors (6.5mm, rated to 200A) on our drone ‘main batteries’ which work great from a current draw & solid connection perspective — but trying to disconnect them can be near on impossible, and always seems to risk damage to the connector and/or lead due to the amount of force and wiggling required to get them loose.

Can anyone suggest another type of connector that is rated to 200A that has a very secure fit, but easier to disconnect ?


Hey Steve, welcome to the forum!

I have happened to use the CC Connectors many years ago - I agree, they are impossibly hard to disconnect. I always had to get a friend who was 6’4’ and 120kg to unplug my RC Helis for me after I landed! :joy: I also found that soldering my batteries up with them was rather risky given there is no plastic physically separating the positive and negative bullets inside the plug. I would often short them installing a new plug.

The best connectors I’ve found to date are RC ProPlus SupraX connectors :heart_eyes: They’re available in 4, 5, 6 and 7mm, single or dual plug style. Find them here in stock in the consumables section over several pages:

I personally use the Pro D6’s (Dual plug, 6mm bullets) on my helis for up to 200A continuous on 12S or 14S.

They are also available as singles in 6mm (Pro S6) or in 7mm if you really want to be sure they’ll handle your current draw. There is also a ‘Solderless version’ of the single in all sizes which is something of a crimped version with a grub screw. I’ve seen them used on helis successfully but I have also seen them overheat if not installed perfectly so I would avoid them.

Note: They are expensive! Similar to the CC plugs. But the RC Pro Plus SupraX plugs are quality, you definitely get what you pay for. They’re also very easy to desolder and reuse so no need to waste them! :smiley:


Hey Matt,

Thanks for the quick response. We’ve just had a look at these connectors and feedback from other users and they appear to be exactly what we are after.