LED Lights 2 questions different projects

I have a couple of questions about LED lights.

First one is, how do I get really bright lights? I am trying to make a small greenhouse and need really bright lights for the plants. I have 2 rings and they don’t seem bright enough.

Second question, different project still LED related. I am thinking of doing something to run some LED strips on a car. I know I will probably have to put seperate power to the strips, but since that will be all it will be doing, I am wondering about what sort of processing board I need. At the moment I have used Uno and Mega boards for things but I suspect that may be an overkill for this.

Many Thanks

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Hi @Karen107000

If you have multiple questions, please consider making multiple posts, one for each question. That way all questions can be answered, without some questions being overlooked.

For your first question, high power LEDs are available, strong enough to severely affect your eyesight. Also so called “cob LEDs”, are available. They look a little like a corn cob, hence the name. I’ve seen to these up to 100W.

Some from Core:

Commercial panels specifically designed for greenhouses are available. Check your local nursery type store, or search the internet for these.

And for your second question.

What do you want the the LEDs on the car to do? Have you considered the smaller footprint Arduino boards such as the Nano or Pro Mini?


Thank you for your comment and the info with the LED’s.
In relation to the car part, I want to create an outline for a sign so it will basically just light up and then occasionally run a chasing sequence around it. There won’t be interaction from a person or anything, just turn on when the car turns on and off when it is off. With the exception of having a battery in the line to keep it running for short periods.

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Some more for question 2:

There are many LED strips available, weather proof and not weather proof, in lengths up to 5 metres, and varying number of LEDs per metre. Also things like flexible silicon strips, which give a neon tube effect.

Browse the store, and see what you like. Many of these are 12V DC, so suitable for running of a car battery. Make sure you include a switch so the sign can be turned of if required.

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