Best Arduino pack extra parts

Hi everyone

i’m looking for a good pack of essentials for an Arduino

my mums looking for a birthday present for me and this is something I could think of

I have 2 Arduino beginner kits wondering what else I should get

Shane (No Hands)

Hi Shane,

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

If you already have 2 Arduino beginner kits you’ve probably covered most of your basic I/O, sensors, and simple output devices. You’re probably beyond the point of needing essentials and should go after something more niche.

Was there a particular thing you wanted to add to your Arduino like a display, or add a motor driver to make it a robot?
You could also look into the MKR series of boards that are more focussed around IoT and look at adding some wireless communications to your projects.

Alternatively you could try something that isn’t technically an Arduino like an ESP32 board that can be programmed using the Arduino IDE but is much more powerful with built in features like bluetooth and WiFi. They are a step-up in difficulty but if you’ve completed all the projects in your beginners kit you’re probably ready for the challenge.

What are you most interested in building? I might be able to give some more tailored recommendations if I know what you’ve already built and what your most interested in doing more of.

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