What type of Arduino and relevant stuff should I buy?

Hi all,
I want to ask you about the type of Arduino I should buy. So my idea is to balance the chest on the a wooden bar and I have to use a motor to drive the chest off the bar. Users need to balance the chest to prevent it from falling down.
At this point I’m confused what type of Arduino, motor or relevant materials I should buy. In my course, students are encouraged to buy the Lilypad of Circuit Playground Express 3333.

Hi Trieu,

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I would probably move towards the Circuit Playground Express as that is the suggested board, the Raspberry Pi Pico might be another good candidate as it is low cost and can be programmed in MicroPython.

I’m not too sure what exactly this system will be doing, the motor you use will depend on how much force you’re expected to need and that will propagate through the system.

I’d also mention that your tutors would have a much better idea on what you have to do so it might be worth shooting them an email to see their thoughts!

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