Best height for Raspi HAT for access to camera portal?

Hi All!

I’m using the Pololu driver HAT (pre-assembled with 2.54mm header) for my Raspi 4B but still want to access the camera portal. What would be the best height for the standoffs (eg 18.6mm?) and header extender (eg 8.5mm?) so that I can still plug in my camera to the camera portal without the flex cable getting too bent?

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Hi Andrew,

Thanks for chatting to me earlier about this via our website. I’ll just provide some more background on our discussion for those reading.

I believe the HAT in question was POLOLU-3753 found here?

I suggested that perhaps one of the following header extenders would provide some extra space for the camera cable to plug into your Pi 4B while the HAT is also installed to prevent bending the camera cable excessively where it plugs into the Pi 4B:

Noting that the HAT would be unsupported at that height by the included 11mm M2.5 standoffs, you requested some suggestions for taller stand-offs. I suggested either the 16mm or 18.6mm M2.5 standoffs we stock like the following:

I was going to grab a few things off the shelf and see what combination works but unfortunately, we don’t currently have the Motor Driver HAT (POLOLU-2761) in stock to test! I’m sorry about that.

I was able to retrieve some of the 16mm M2.5 standoffs, the smaller of the two header extenders linked above, and a Pi 4B here and I did find the combination appears as if it would work depending on how far you install the header extender onto the pins.

The best thing to do to see if any of the combinations of HAT, header extenders and standoffs work unfortunately is only going to be ordering a few combinations and testing yourself I think :smiley: They are all relatively cheap, <$3 except for the larger header extender. It will be the only way to be sure, and after all, experimentation is what the game is all about! :smiley:

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