Raspberry Pi, POE Hat and GPIO pins

Hi guys,
Quick question.

I am thinking of buying a POE Hat for my Raspberry Pi but Id like to also use a couple of GPIO pins (perhaps to control a relay and an I2C temp sensor.

From what I can see the official POE hat doesnt come with a row of headers to plug into, but holes are in the POE hat.

Is there anyway this could be modified to allow a few GPIO pin connections?


You could use a stacking header. I’m not sure how well it would fit heightwise with the POE hat, but all the GPIO pins on the Pi would be available.

Thanks Robin. Given the response I am assuming that the POE hat needs headers soldering onto the board before it can be used. In that case what you suggest would work fine.

I had assumed it came pre-soldered and hence wondered how I could make it work.

Is there anyone at Core that could confirm if the hats come with a connector on them or if they need soldering first?


Hi @Jon13024

I can’t see any solder pads on the POE board, which makes me think it is one of the “press fit” type of boards. That’s why I was querying the height.

Of course for just a few GPIO pins, you could go back 50 years and try wire-wrapping… If you can find a wire wrapping tool.

Hi again @Jon13024

Finally got a good look at the POE hat. The board is a single sided PCB. Components are soldered to the underside, ie the non-fan side. This includes a thin surface mount 2x20 pin connector that just connects the top 1mm or so of the pins on the RPI, leaving the bulk of the pin exposed.

So wire wrapping actually looks like a reasonable way to go.

Is there a connector that can be used instead of the one on the board? Do you want to desolder and resolder even if there is?

Thanks Robin, great photo - really explains things.

After a bit more Googling I came across this:

Its a bit more expensive but is just the ticket for what Im looking for… They even do a case to fit it in. I just wish it didnt rely on the short patch cable - oh well!