Is there GPIO extension cable to distance Pi Hat?

Hi there,

I have a 40-pin TFT display for the RaspberryPi with female connector so it can be connected directly:

In my project however, I don’t have enough room to plug this directly into the Raspberry Pi.

Could you please recommend a cable and adapter/header/something that will allow me to position the RPi about 10cm away from the display AND also access some GPIO pins that the display isn’t using?


Hi Ade,

You could use this cable:

or this

Let us know if it works out!

Hi Stephen,

These will connect to the Pi, but not the hat, since they’re female both ends and the hat is obviously also female.

Any other ideas?



get a male header and use it as an adapter.

Will that work?

Hi Ade,

I’ve also found this cable from ModMyPi in the UK that might work. I’m just concerned that the shorter side of the pins on that header might fall out of the cable.

Let us know what you go with and how well it works!

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Thanks Josh - will do!

I tried this but it doesn’t work because the rows of pins end up getting reversed back to front. The back row on the Pi ends up getting connected to the front row on the hat. I guess I could do it twice to switch it back again but it’s getting a bit ridiculous. Hopefully the cable Josh found works out, otherwise i’ll do it with jumpers.


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Hi Ade, just wanted to check with you, did the cable Josh linked to work for you? I’m in a similar situation now and this discussion (and that particular cable) seems to be the only thing I can find via a fairly extensive Google search…
I too was concerned with the idea of the header pins coming out of the female-to-female cable…

Thanks in advance - Dave.

EDIT: I just found a bunch of male-to-female 40-pin ribbon cables on Amazon. This one ships to Australia:

Hi Dave,

Thanks for posting the update - that cable looks like what I need. I had put that project on ice but will be able to continue it now!


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