Best Product to learn FPGA

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Had a talk with one of your colleagues about an hour ago and he suggested that I asked this question on the forum instead.

I am a noob to Field Programmable Gate Arrays and would like a product that will help me learn it from scratch, i.e., learning by doing so to speak. My main aim is to be competent enough in FPGAs to be able to create an FPGA cryptocurrency miner.

What products do you guys suggest?

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James Pasinski

Hi James,

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There are a few options available on the Core site:

The top two boards have a bit more documentation on the product pages so that might be able to help get you started!

The Crypto sounds like it will be an excellent project, I look forward to hearing about how you go!


Thanks Liam :smiley:

Hi James,

This is a bit old now, but still relevant:

Support | Core Electronics

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Might not be relevant, but I did some FPGA work many years ago on an Altera development system (when I was still working). The circuit diagram was entered via a CAD screen which could be then programmed into the chip. It worked very well but was very expensive. I believe they had cheaper systems at the time. Xilinix was another FPGA that some of the other designers were using.

No idea if these companies still exist and what they may have available now.
Suggest a search for Altera or Xilinix might be a starting point.



Thanks for your help Oliver and Jim :smiley: