Bluetooth Module HC-06 and State pin

Does the HC-06 module has the ‘State’ pin connected/working? This pin is supposed to show module connection state and this is what need in my project. I’m also interested in the ‘Wakeup’ pin but that’s not that critical.


Hi Paul,

I got to this question during our live video yesterday. I hope that info helps!

Thanks. This is what I wanted to know. It will be interesting to know if the ‘Wakeup’ pin is connected/working (not critical info for me).


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I got HC05 and HC06 boards from core-electronics and tested the ‘State’ pin on both. On HC05 it seems to work: stays low when not connected and gets high when connected. HC06 is a total disappointment: the ‘State’ pin always stays low regardless of the connection state.

Hi @Pavel28750

On new(er) HC-06 boards, the state pin may not be connected to the chip. You may be able to connect it yourself, as shown in this link.