How to program Hc06 Bluetooth

Hi everyone this is. my first post !

I am trying to program a ZS-040 HC06 with a usb to TTL converter using Hercules and Tera Term and not having any luck …all I need to do is change the name and the pin I have connected the 4 wires up to the USB to ttl and to the hc06
Gnd to gnd
Vcc to vcc
Rx to tx
Tx go rx
Fire up tera term set the comm port set echo type AT and nothing back I tried AT+VERSION
Can anyone help please ?

What baud rate are you using? If 9600 baud isn’t working, try 38400 baud.

Read the following links, and that includes the discussions at the end.

Tried all the above still no good I got 10 of these and they all do the same

Hi all managed to program the name
AT+NAME+HELLO enter and name is changed BUT
AT+PIN4321 or AT+PSWD=4321 will not work the Bluetooth chip number is not the BC417 it is BC352