Bluetooth Query


I have a few of questions about Bluetooth:

  1. When an iphone is communicating with an apple watch using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), which device is the host? So, which device is the central and which is the peripheral? It is my understanding that an Apple Watch now acts as its own CBCentralManager for communicating with BLE peripherals.
    2.Can an iphone emit a BLE signal and register on a scanner as a BLE device? Or does it always register as the central device?
    3.Does an Android phone always register as the central device (this is what I’ve read so far)?

Thanks so much in advance for any information.


Hi Kaywoo,

I’m not from Apple so dont know for sure and not a wizz on BLE but here’s my guess…

  1. I’d say the iPhone is the host since its initialting the connection
  2. When you mention scanner, are you talking about a scanner that you would find built into a printer or one that scans bluetooth signals?
  3. Bidirectional file transfer is setup on most modern smartphones, I’d imagine it can be both though.

Some additional context with what you want to do with your project would help heaps in answering your questions :smiley:

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