Boat security

My mate wants to have a camera on his boat so he can see what’s happening at any time. Such as poor weather or even when working below deck.
I know this can be done with my Pi Zero and a WiFi hotspot on phone and both connected to the 12 volt system and using VNC via my phone etc to see camera view.
Is there a low data way ie no SIM data way to do this?
Cheers Ian

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generally if your phone and rpi-board both using WiFi to comm`s with each other then sim data should not really matter because the WiFi is basically the same as if you had a camera directly connected to your phone it will operate independently of the internet unless the rpi has a web browser open and connecting to web sites as long as you don’t exceed the wifi distance range capabilities…

basically saying that your phone and rpi are looking at each other wire less…instead of a wired cable…

i am not familar with your phone and attached hard ware… but should be doable …

some body here will be more help full but to me it should not be an issue of "it cannot be done"
because it can…its just creating the wi-fi network that somebody else here needs to elaborate on the subject…

you can get more distance by adding a wi-fi module hat that has provision for external antennas also with wi-fi you can beam yagi say 15-25 db gain 25 element line of site antennas if you need to sit at a distance of maybe 500m away from the boat and sill get wi-fi coverage …wi-fi comes in many ranges these days always with high frequency they say "hight is might" when it comes to antennas …weather you choose 2.4 gig band or 5 gig band …personally i would go 2.4 gig frequency is lower so distance around objects is better achieved…


Hey Ian,

Unfortunately due to the nature of video streams handling this amount of data is best handled by WiFi or 4G. If it was local to the boat and just looking to stream across a low range network I would take a look at Brian’s suggestion.

I would take a look around Google for ‘Pi security webcam’ to see some similar results.
I’ve used this tutorial in the past to get a Zero working as my computers webcam perfectly: How to Make Raspberry Pi Webcam Server and Stream Live Video || Motion + Webcam + Raspberry Pi : 8 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables

Let us know how you go!